Data Tracker on the Norwegian Labour Market

Employment rate close to 70%

The employment rate among the working-age population rose to over 70% during the first half of 2022. Despite a slight dip in recent months, the employment rate remains at one of its highest levels since 2012. The youth population (aged 15-24) has seen a particularly strong increase in employment since the end of 2021.

A high employment rate compared to other countries

The employment rate in Norway is currently around 70%, which is considered high compared to other countries. The current employment rate in Norway is almost 10 percentage points higher than the average in the European Union. Norway has the third highest female employment rate among industrialized countries.

It is worth noting that this number for Norway is slightly different from the seasonally adjusted monthly number mentioned previously, as this data is based on quarterly measurements.

A low and stable temporary employment rate

Temporary employment rates vary significantly between countries, reflecting different labor market policies and regulations. In 2021, Norway had a temporary employment rate of around 9%, which is lower than the average rate of 12% for OECD-countries. Norway's temporary employment rate is also significantly lower than the rates in Denmark (11%), Sweden (15%), and Finland (16%).

The temporary employment rate in Norway has been relatively stable over time, fluctuating around 8% as measured in Q4 for the last 10 years. The current temporary employment rate in Norway is approximately the same as it was in 2012.

Temporary employment is much more common among younger age groups. Over the past ten years, data for Q4 2022 shows that the temporary employment rate for youth stood at around 25%. This rate is over three times as high as the average for the population as a whole.

About the data

Data on employment are from Statistics Norway "Labour force survey seasonally-adjusted figures".  New data are published monthly as a three-month moving average.

Data on temporary employment are from Statistics Norway "Labour force survey". New data are published quarterly.

International data on employment and temporary employment are from the OECD.

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