Employer Organisations

High share of firms affiliated to an employer organisation

Almost 3 of 4 employees in the private sector work in a firm affiliated with an employer organisation in Norway.

Compared to other Nordic countries, the employer organisation density rate in Norway is higher than in Denmark and Finland, but lower than in Sweden.

Since 2000, the density rate in Norway has increased by some 8 percentage points. Also Sweden has seen increased density rates over the same period, whereas it has decreased in both Denmark and Germany.

NHO is the largest employer organisation

At the end of 2021 some 67 000 firms were affiliated to an employer organisation. These 67 000 firms employed approximately 1.88 million by the end of 2021.

The NHO (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) is the largest employer organisation in Norway, both measured in terms of the number of firms and the number of employees in the affiliated firms.

About the data and terms of use

Data on trade unions and employer organisations are from Statistics Norway "Trade union members and strikes".

International data are from the OECD/AIAS ICTWSS database.

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