Job Creation

Data Tracker on the Norwegian Labour Market

Over 3 million jobs

At the beginning of 2023 there were over 3 million jobs in total in the Norwegian economy. Following a period of strong job growth beginning in spring 2021, the job losses caused by the pandemic has been largely recovered.

Accommodation and food services industry rebounds from pandemic losses

The accommodation and food services industry was greatly impacted by the pandemic, but has since experienced the greatest increase in jobs over the past year. On a longer time scale, the information and communication sector has seen the strongest job growth over the past three years. In terms of the total number of jobs, the health services industry is the largest, followed by wholesale and retail trade, education, and construction.

Positive job growth in all counties

The number of jobs increased in all counties from the third quarter of 2021 to the third quarter of 2022. The biggest increase was in Oslo, followed by Viken, Vestland and Rogaland. At the municipality level 8 of 10 municipalities had positive job growth over the same period.

The positive job market trends seen in the increase of jobs in all counties and the majority of municipalities from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022 suggest that the recovery and growth in employment is not confined to specific regions, but rather is a nationwide trend.

Non-resident employment close to pre-pandemic levels

The number of jobs held by non-residents in Norway significantly declined during the pandemic, but as cross-border mobility has improved and the demand for labor has increased, the number of jobs held by non-residents is now approaching pre-pandemic levels.

About the data

Data on jobs are from Statistic Norway "Number of employments and earnings". Seasonally adjusted number of jobs is published monthly, while data on jobs by county and municipality, as well as by immigration category is published every quarter.

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