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We make dashboards, analysis and visualizations, utilizing open data to provide perspectives on social and economic trends and themes.

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Labour Markets

Overview of the Norwegian Labour Market

A data tracker covering job creation, working hours, productivity, wages, trade unions, and employer organizations with data from Eurostat, the OECD, and international comparisons.


Consumer Energy prices in Europe

This page looks the latest Eurostat data on consumer energy prices in Europe, focusing on electricity and gas price trends over time.

Labour Markets

The Lenght of Working Life in Europe

This tracker examines Eurostat data on average working life duration in European countries.

Labour Markets

Forecasts for the Norwegian Labour Market

Overview of forecasts for 2023 to 2026 on key indicators from national and international forecasters.

World Economy

Global Food Prices

The latest developments in international prices of five key food commodities: meat, dairy, cereals, vegetable oils and sugar, as tracked by the FAO Food Price Index.


Extreme Poverty Worldwide

This tracker looks the latest trends on extreme poverty, covering global, regional and country-level data based on World Bank data.


Trends in Foreign Aid

Based on data from the OECD this tracker looks at how much development assistance OECD-countries provided in 2021.

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Qery AS is a Norwegian data analysis startup. We use a variety of data sources to create analyses and visualisations on social and economic themes and trends. Get in touch to discuss custom data analysis and visualizations, or if you have any suggestions of comments about our work. You can also follow us on Github and Instagram.