Data Tracker on the Norwegian Labour Market

Over 100 000 vacant jobs

During 2021 and 2022, the number of job vacancies increased significantly as the economy began to recover from the pandemic. According to Statistics Norway, the second quarter of 2022 saw one of the highest numbers of vacancies recorded, with over 100,000 job openings. The number of vacancies remained high in the third quarter of 2022.

Strong demand for labour in administrative and support services

According to the latest data, the majority of job vacancies can be found in the administrative and support services sector, with 11 000 vacancies in the third quarter of 2022. When looking at the vacancy rate, which is the number of vacancies as a percentage of the total number of job positions, this sector also has the highest share at over 6%. Arts, entertainment and recreation is currently the sector with the lowest vacancy rate, together with manufacturing and real estate activities.

Vacancy rates on the rise across Europe

According to data from Eurostat, the job vacancy rate is increasing in several European countries and has now reached a higher level than it was prior to the pandemic. While this trend is generally seen as a positive sign for the job market, it is important to note that a high vacancy rate can also be negative if businesses are unable to find qualified labor to fill open positions. This can lead to a bottleneck in the economy and hinder overall growth.

Norway currently has a job vacancy rate that is almost on par with the average for the European Union (EU).

About the data and terms of use

Data on vacancies are from Statistics Norway 'Job Vacancies'. New data is published every quarter. The data does not separate between full-time and part-time posts.

International data on vacancies are from Eurostat.

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