High number of vacancies

During 2021 and 2022 the number of job vacancies rose rapidly as economic growth started to pick up from the pandemic. In the second quarter of 2022 there were 107 800 vacancies, the largest number of vacancies registered, according to Statistics Norway.

The largest number of vacancies can be found in administrative and support services, followed by domestic trade sector and construction.

If we look at the number of vacancies as a percent of the total number of job positions in that industry, administrative and support services has the largest percentage vacant (6.7%). Accomodation and food service as well as information and communication both have over 5.8% of positions vacant.

Vacancy rates increasing in other countries

Data from Eurostat shows that the job vacancy rate also is increasing in several other European countries. In Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, the job vacancy rate is now much higher than pre-pandemic levels.

About the data and terms of use

Data on vacancies are from Statistics Norway 'Job Vacancies'. New data is published every quarter. The data does not separate between full-time and part-time posts.

International data on vacancies are from Eurostat.

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