Life Satisfaction

Public Opinion in EU Regions: Quality of life expectations for 2024

The European Union has released their latest Eurobarometer, which focuses on public opinion in EU regions. Over 62,000 citizens in 194 regions across the EU’s 27 member states were asked questions about the economic situation in their region and quality of life in general, among other topics. The fieldwork was conducted between January and February 2024.

These two charts focus on quality of life and, specifically, the question of citizens’ views on whether their life will become better, worse, or stay the same over the next 12 months.

Among the regions with the highest shares saying quality of life will be ‘better,’ Polish regions make up the majority, with eight of the 15 most optimistic regions. The highest share saying ‘better’ out of the 194 EU regions was Dolnoslaskie in Poland.

Meanwhile, if we look at the regions with the highest share saying that they expect quality of life to become ‘worse’ over the next year, most of them are regions in Greece, France, and Germany. Kentriki Ellada in Greece had the highest share of respondents saying ‘worse’.

On average across the EU, 23% said they thought life will get better, 22% expect it to become worse, and 52% the same.

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