European Economy

How Do Europeans Judge the Current Situation in Their National Economy?

The latest Eurobarometer survey, conducted from Oct 23 to Nov 17, 2023, asked EU citizens to evaluate their national economic situation. The choices? “Very good,” “Rather good,” “Rather bad,” “Very bad,” or “Don’t know.”

The survey covered the 27 EU member states, plus candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova), as well as Cyprus, the UK, and Kosovo.

A key takeaway is that only 35% of EU27 citizens rated their economy as ‘good’—the total share of respondents answering “Very good” and “Rather good”.

The sentiment varies widely:

  • Luxembourg citizens expressing the most positive outlook, where a total of 86% rated their national economy as ‘good’.
  • Bulgaria and the UK are at the other end, with just 16%.

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