Qery is a Norwegian data analysis company that specialises in analysing and visualising social and economic trends.

Working with data from international providers such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, Eurostat and the OECD, our goal is to create clear, insightful and accessible reports, data trackers and visualisations.

Our latest projects include analysing progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals in the Nordic countries and tracking the global and regional transition to renewable energy

Our Services

Data Extraction

Navigating the vast range of open data sources to get relevant, up-to-date and credible data can be a challenge. We can help identify potential sources as well as extract data from international and national open data providers on a range of social and economic themes.

Data Analysis

We can assist with data analysis to help identify social and economic trends at global, regional or country level. Based on the latest data, we can help guide thinking on company strategy or public policy.

Data Trackers

We can create custom webpages or provide data feeds for dashboards with automatically updating data and visualisations. These can be focused on specific themes or cross-cutting with data from different providers.

Get in touch to discuss custom data analysis and visualizations, or if you have any suggestions or comments about our work.