Artificial intelligence

AI Adoption in European Businesses: 2023 Snapshot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology that enables machines and systems to learn and make autonomous decisions. Yet, its adoption remains relatively low in European businesses, highlighting significant growth potential.

In 2023, only 8% of EU businesses used AI technologies, according to Eurostat. Some countries are ahead of the curve, showcasing adoption rates at nearly double the EU-average:

  • Denmark: 15.2%
  • Finland: 15.1%
  • Luxembourg: 14.4%

Conversely, several countries lag significantly behind, with minimal AI adoption:

  • Romania: 1.5%
  • Serbia: 1.8%
  • Bulgaria: 3.6%

To be counted as using AI technologies, businesses had to be using at least one of the following AI:

  • technologies analysing written language (text mining)
  • technologies converting spoken language into a machine-readable format (speech recognition)
  • technologies generating written or spoken language (natural language generation)
  • technologies identifying objects or people based on images (image recognition, image processing)
  • machine learning (e.g. deep learning) for data analysis
  • technologies automating different workflows or assisting in decision-making (AI based software robotic process automation)
  • technologies enabling machines to physically move by observing their surroundings and taking autonomous decisions

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